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Why Choose NTA?

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Built on the principles of trust, security and dependability
  • Paves the road of advanced technology for the industry

About Us

The residential purchase transaction, when other local parties are involved, takes a hands-on approach with local knowledge, to handle professionally. Top real estate professionals and large mortgage lenders enjoy local branches and expertise. Each branch has the ability to handle all types of title, settlement and residential mortgages. These are the areas that Nations Title Agency as an entire company is most rooted in, therefore providing you with the best services in the industry.

Built on the principles of trust, security and dependability

NTA is at the top of the industry in information protection. NTA provides fraud prevention and title/settlement underwriters on hand to answer questions in the most up to date and legal fashion.

Consists of the best experienced professionals in the business

We set goals in the highest level of excellence - not just for the company as whole, but also for the individuals that we employ. We promote integrity, respect, and teamwork, as well as focus on exceptional communication and ongoing professional development, in an effort to consistently achieve our business goals and objectives. Furthermore, we believe that client service should be second nature and foster an environment committed to convenience, responsiveness and positive attitude. Nations Title Agency is known to possess the most professional list of experienced vendors in the industry. A Saturday night in a rural area, last minute at a realtor office, can be a real headache. Call NTA and let the team try to close the loan on time. NTA has been ready on the phone and online, every end of the month for 30 years.

Paves the road of advanced technology for the industry

At NTA, title records for several thousand U.S. counties are contained within the proprietary NTA software, WebTrax. NTA provides the quickest turn times on products and services for mortgage loans. Fast, accurate and sound work on end of the month CD preparation is part of the norm. Additionally, NTA provides the best real time status, ordering, and product fulfillment in the industry. Lender and realtor clients will most often order securely via the web interface, proprietary EDI or with 3rd party portal protection. Partnerships with interfacing companies like RealEC, Calyx and Ellie Mae, allow NTA to serve thousands of mortgage broker clients.


Nations Title Agency (NTA) was established in 1989 as a part of Nations Companies, a national real estate information company offering local branch services in key US cities for Title Insurance, Settlement, Escrow, FSBO, Default and REO as well as Appraisal & Valuation services.

Consumers referred by real estate agents, and or from banks, servicers, credit unions, and mortgage companies enjoy NTA as a safe choice for title and escrow.

At NTA, Technology Solutions with the largest tech companies, such as Real EC, Encompass, and E-Pass, have been at the core of Nations Title services for real estate agents and mortgage lenders.

Nations Title is a leader with TRID - Best Practices, serving consumers whom are working with the top real estate agencies and mortgage lenders. Nations Title offers tried and tested 'TRID Safe' security protection for consumer private information, or NPPI.

Consumer's customer service levels and ability to communicate any feedback are the highest priorities at Nations Title. Before, during and after a real estate loan or sale transaction, Nations Title is available to help make the experience flawless and complete for sellers and new homeowners.


At Nations Title Agency, service is not just our Policy, it's our Commitment. Fill out our contact form and a member of our team will help you with all your needs.


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