Default Services and Solutions

blankNations Default Services (NDS) is committed to providing the highest quality loan default and property management and disposition services. With national coverage through a network of strategically located firms, title companies and realtors across the U.S.

NDS reduces servicing expenses through reallocation of servicer labor resources. NDS’s philosophy is to approach each case with a common goal to minimize the potential loss to both the servicer and the investor arising from the liquidation of delinquent loans.

The company’s cornerstone is a fully integrated case tracking and file management system. This highly customized workflow solution enables the company to quickly adapt to changes in volume and to leverage an extensive knowledge base and broad range of experience, and allows clients and vendors real time access to file status.

Default Services And Solutions We Offer

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  • Judicial and Non-judicial foreclosures
  • Compliance with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and VA standards
  • Stringent document retention and document verification procedures
  • Timely escalation of non-routine matters
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  • Real time file status for nationwide portfolios
  • Compliance with Service members Civil Relief Act
  • Timeline management and customizable reporting
  • Expedited transition to loss mitigation solutions if warranted
  • Ability to integrate with client and vendor web portals
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  • Post-sale coordination with timely investor package submission
  • Quick transition to eviction processing
  • Cost effective versus managing hundreds of separate firms & companies
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