REO Services

blankNations REO is an Overland Park, KS based company specializing in the disposition of REO assets both residential and commercial. We are a full service company offering the most flexible and efficient services, tailored to meet our client’s needs and objectives. Nations REO team members include tenured asset managers, redemption management experts, eviction specialists, closing specialists, accounting staff and excellent support staff. Nations REO brings responsive, professional and consistent, yet flexible default and REO management services to its clients.

Initial Services

  • Coordinate property recovery/evictions in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Aggressive relocation assistance program in order to mitigate eviction and preservation cost.
  • Develop and deliver service packages including BPO, appraisal, tax and title reviews.
  • Arrange to secure, preserve and protect the property.
  • Obtain competitive bids for repairs from qualified sources.
  • Ensure potential code violations are addressed
  • Ensure vacant property registration is completed per local municipality regulations

Disposition Services

  • Thorough title examinations at time of referral.
  • Assets listed with qualified brokers within the Nations REO Team Residential Network.  We have a robust network of commercial brokers and property managers for our commercial clients.
  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy including but not limited to advertising print/internet, MLS listing and signage.
  • Title insurance and escrow closing services, ensuring timely delivery of proceeds.
  • Ensure closing dates are adhered to and have a per diem policy in effect.

Specialized Services

  • Curative process to resolve title issues.
  • Title claims processing.
  • Notification of delinquent taxes and tax sales, if requested.
  • REO lease program
  • Deed In Lieu solicitation program.
  • Vendor Management