Purchase Title Searches – Consumers

Consumers often will wish to purchase title searches independent of real estate transactions, or as a preliminary need sometimes to an actual transaction about to occur.

Since 1989, the Nations Companies have been working within courthouse information or public data sources for property records and combining the information into a report for consumers to use for a variety of purposes,

Nations has built, in over 25 years, the most complete database of online property records nationwide. Depending on your needs consumers can find deeds, mortgage files, air rights, lease agreements, property ownership records, and more.

Consumers Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a Title Search:ContractSigningHouse

    1. Estate disposition, and or planning.
    2. Divorce proceedings.
    3. Buying or Selling investment Real Estate.
    4. Checking to see if Liens have been taken off or added to title.
    5. FSBO Sellers

Consumers Top 5 Most Common Title Problems

    1. Errors in Public Records
    2. Boundary / Survey Disputes
    3. Unknown Liens
    4. Forgeries
    5. Undiscovered Will

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